Good-Paying Jobs

Growth comes from reinvesting in our middle class. We must modernize our infrastructure to remain competitive, repeal laws providing tax breaks for companies sending jobs overseas, and leverage public/private partnerships to train workers while rebuilding our manufacturing base.

Get Big Money
Out Of Politics

People are first, not Corporations. Money is not speech. Undoing Citizens United is the first step to ensure a free and democratic process. The second is to enact laws requiring publicly-funded elections to ensure dark money can not drown out the voices of everyday Americans.

Strengthen Medicare
& Social Security

We must preserve and expand the most successful anti-poverty program in the history of mankind. I support raising the cap on contributions and revising the cost of living index to more accurately reflect the medical expenses of our seniors, especially rising drug prices.

Climate Change
& The Environment

It’s past time for climate change deniers to follow or get out of the way. Strong leadership is required to protect our water and air from pollution, stop the extraction of fossil fuels, preserve our precious public lands, and to develop and deploy a Clean Power Plan.

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Indivisible Reno Organizing Meeting

January 25, 2017, 6:00pm - January 25, 2017, 9:30pm

Northern Nevadans committed to act locally to affect the votes and actions of our Congressional representatives will gather to organize using the strategies and principles from Indivisible: A Practica...

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Musings: January 12

• Donald Trump enters his only term as a lame duck. Honeymoon ended before it began.
• Chuck Schumer wins the political move of the week by sending Mitch McConnell’s letter back to him about holding up Supreme Court nominees.
• Quinnipiac Poll shows American’s support of Trump has dropped like a rock since election night. Trump doesn’t talk much about polls these days.
• Trump seems genuinely surprised the world isn’t already kissing his ring. He is who he is and that’s incapable of pivoting to be presidential.
• The genuineness of President Obama and VP Joe Biden (and their personal bond) has been refreshing and a vanishing treasure in that neighborhood.
• Trump has no clue how complicated and interdependent are the many elements of the ACA. Congress members do and will never be able to deliver anything close to a replacement anytime soon. Congress members who vote to repeal and leave their constituents hanging out should be freshening their resumes. All people really wanted was to reduce their personal costs.
• You do realize repeal of the ACA is yet another tax cut for the rich, right?
• Hard to see how Republican Congress members can justify repealing the ACA and claiming any fealty to deficit reduction.
• The Inspector General’s investigation must include deposing Rudy Guiliani. ... See MoreSee Less

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