Good-Paying Jobs

Growth comes from reinvesting in our middle class. We must modernize our infrastructure to remain competitive, repeal laws providing tax breaks for companies sending jobs overseas, and leverage public/private partnerships to train workers while rebuilding our manufacturing base.

Get Big Money
Out Of Politics

People are first, not Corporations. Money is not speech. Undoing Citizens United is the first step to ensure a free and democratic process. The second is to enact laws requiring publicly-funded elections to ensure dark money can not drown out the voices of everyday Americans.

Strengthen Medicare
& Social Security

We must preserve and expand the most successful anti-poverty program in the history of mankind. I support raising the cap on contributions and revising the cost of living index to more accurately reflect the medical expenses of our seniors, especially rising drug prices.

Climate Change
& The Environment

It’s past time for climate change deniers to follow or get out of the way. Strong leadership is required to protect our water and air from pollution, stop the extraction of fossil fuels, preserve our precious public lands, and to develop and deploy a Clean Power Plan.

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My note today to my three Congressional representatives:

Congress and you, personally, have a profound responsibility to demand an exhaustive and thorough investigation of Russia’s actions to affect our elections and any and all contacts and collusion between the Trump campaign and/or his advocates.

As our intelligence community and those of several of our allies have already divulged, there is considerable evidence that wrong-doing occurred.

It now appears both the House and Senate Intelligence committees have failed to make progress on credible investigations. This is an outrage.

Our republic is threatened at its core if any president is determined by those who would clearly wish us harm. This president is under a dark cloud and his every action is suspect.

This is not partisan politics, it is patriotism. We launched a bloody revolution to gain self-determination.

At this moment, the American public has no faith that the current Congressional investigations will result in a proper nonpartisan investigation.

I call on you to demand from Deputy Attorney General-designate Rod Rosenstein the appointment of a special federal prosecutor with the mission to determine the facts in a timely fashion and hold individuals accountable for any wrongdoing.

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Join Chip Evans, former Congressional nominee and former Chair of the Washoe County Democratic Party, and Anna Scanlon of Masses Unite for a workshop on “Building a Blue Wave in a Red Sea!”

How do we get Democrats elected? How do we encourage Democrats to run for office? What do willing people need to know about running for office? What are the steps for designing and launching a winning campaign? What about that whole money thing? What can our county parties do to help?

If you’re ready to get organized to win elections in 2018 or even mildly interested in running for office, please join us. Please invite former candidates and people you believe would be great candidates in 2018 or beyond.

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Building a BLUE Wave in a Red Sea!

April 9, 2017, 11:00am - April 9, 2017, 2:00pm

Join Chip Evans, former Congressional nominee and former Chair of the Washoe County Democratic Party, and Anna Scanlon of Masses Unite for a workshop on “Building a Blue Wave in a Red Sea!”

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On March 18th 2017, Chip Evans was elected as ACTIONN's new Board of Directors President

Chip has been an ACTIONN volunteer since 2013 when he joined the Board of Directors and was appointed Treasure...

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