About Chip Evans

I have been lucky.

I started my education at a military academy in Virginia where I rose to be the head cadet and learned to honor and appreciate service to our country. Upon graduation, I set off for college at Santa Clara University and later the University of San Francisco. My college sweetheart, Laynette, agreed to marry me forty years ago and we have raised three terrific children together; Daniel, Amy and Annie.

Out of college I embarked on a successful career in Silicon Valley. In 2004, I decided to pursue my entrepreneurial aspirations here in the land of opportunity –  northern Nevada.

It wasn’t always easy.

I come from humble beginnings. My mother was a dedicated homemaker and my father was a government employee serving the needs of railroad workers. Growing up, my folks never owned their own home.

During the summers, I scooped ice cream, worked as a lifeguard, babysat, worked in a law office, earned scholarships, and worked as a laborer on the railroads to pay my way through school. I also rode along on Dad’s visits with his clients — retirees, the injured and disabled and their widows and children. I learned first-hand the struggles families face to make ends meet.

I have been lucky, but many have not.

Over the last five years I have hosted radio talk shows. I wanted northern Nevada to hear from those who often struggle to be heard – Latino, African-American, and LGBT communities, women’s causes, veterans, our seniors, our youth, and the hard-working members of our union families.

Through my shows, I have promoted a wide range of businesses and nonprofit charitable organizations that make a difference in northern Nevada.

I have been active in numerous organizations, including The Cleantech Open, Acting in Community Together in Northern Nevada, Volunteers of America, the Reno-Sparks chapter of the NAACP, and the Washoe County Democratic Party.

Now I’d like to ask for your vote to give a voice to all northern Nevada families.