Jobs and The Economy
  • We must focus on rebuilding our middle class through generating good-paying jobs.
  • I support a robust program to repair and modernize our nation’s infrastructure. We must begin repairing and reinvesting in our nation’s bridges, roads, railways, ports and airports to remain safe and to remain competitive in the world economy.
  • I endorse a public/private partnership to train unemployed and underemployed American workers to work on infrastructure projects.
  • I advocate buying American-made goods and rebuilding our manufacturing base.
  • I support revising our corporate tax laws to favor American-based companies and disfavor foreign companies and former American companies that relocate to other countries to escape tax responsibility.
  • I support repeal of laws creating tax breaks for companies that offshore jobs.
  • I support more vigorous enforcement of Taft-Hartley Act provisions against monopolies.
  • We must review and challenge all laws, regulations, tax policies and trade agreements that work against regular Americans and solely further the interests of multi-national corporations and the 1%.
Campaign Finance Reform
  • I reject the notions that corporations are people and money is speech.
  • I support transparency of money spent to influence our government and politics, including requiring public corporations to report money spent on political activity.
  • I support publicly-funded elections and laws that diminish the current financial advantages of incumbents in elections.
  • I support new legislation to reverse the effects of Citizens United and efforts to amend the Constitution to overturn Citizens United.
Climate Change and The Environment
  • I support the rapid move to sustainable, renewable energy sources and away from fossil fuels.
  • I support public/private initiatives to train displaced workers from the fossil fuel industry.
  • I acknowledge human activity as an accelerating agent of climate change.
  • I support the preservation and protection of species.
  • I support efforts to protect our water and air from pollution.
  • I support the democratization of energy through individually-owned, distributed, autonomous power systems coupled with a reliable grid.
  • It’s time for climate change deniers to follow or get out of the way.
Social Security
  • I support preserving and expanding Social Security, the most successful anti-poverty program in the history of humankind.
  • I support raising the cap on contributions to fund the baby-boom bubble going through the system now.
  • I support development of a revised index for cost of living adjustments that more accurately reflects the expenses of our seniors, including drug prices and out-of-pocket medical expenses.
Health Care
  • I support the Affordable Care Act and want Congress to focus on making it better.
  • I support the move toward single-payer over time.
  • I support repeal of the Cadillac Tax.
  • I support plans to facilitate the education and training of medical practitioners.
  • I support efforts to control costs for prescription drugs.
  • I support the protection of Medicare benefits and further development of Medicare processes as the foundation of an eventual Medicare for a single payer platform.
  • I oppose discrimination or abuse of anyone based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, both here in America and around the world.
  • I support laws that prohibit discrimination in the workplace, healthcare, housing, and in any life events.
  • I support using the economic power of the federal government to spread and demand rights and freedoms for LGBTQ individuals around the world, in particular in our trade agreements and treaties.
  • Gay rights are human rights.
  • Love is love.
  • We have put our military service men and women in harm’s way in ways we’ve never done before, and we must fulfill our moral obligation to take care of them.
  • We must fund the VA and the provision of medical services to the extent needed.
  • We should continue and strengthen programs to aid veterans in their transition to private employment after separation from active duty.
Defense and Security
  • The security of America comes primarily from our economic strength and our values.
  • Our military spending is fraught with waste and spending on unneeded bases, both here in the U.S. and abroad, and inappropriate or unneeded weapons identified by military leaders.
  • We need to rebuild and replace much of our used and obsolete defense resources.
  • Our military budget is too large and must be rationalized relative to current security needs.
  • I support additional resources for our government’s cyber-security efforts.
  • We must diminish the use of expensive outside services and return some functions to our service members.
  • We must look for more ways to reduce waste, fraud and abuse in the Pentagon budget.
  • I support Common Core methodologies with local ability to design curricula.
  • I oppose linking national tests to school administration and teacher appraisal.
  • I support drastic reduction of college expenses and the debt burden of our young graduates.
  • I support greater pay and less administrative paperwork for our teachers.
  • I support early childhood education.
  • I support school meals for those in need so as to provide the best learning conditions.
  • I support efforts to identify, index and limit overall administrative costs per student.
Foreign Policy
  • We must be in the business of building mutually beneficial partnerships with all nations.
  • We must be wary of Russia and China and their desires for greater influence beyond their borders.
  • I support Israel‘s right to exist and to defend itself. I believe it is in the best interest of Israel’s people to engage in the peace process, hard as that may be.
  • We must continue our diplomatic efforts to reduce tensions among nation states in the Mideast to better deal with the threats of ISIS and Islamic jihadists of all stripes.
  • We must make clear the limits of our involvement (no ground troops) and the obligation of states in the Mideast to address their regional conflicts.
  • I support our outreach to Iran as a vital player in any peace formula in that region.
  • I support a Palestinian state as a key element to peace in the region.
  • I support strengthening the diplomatic effectiveness of the United Nations as a place to combat violence and genocide and promote peaceful resolution of disputes.
  • I support efforts to diminish the power and influence of drug cartels and criminal organizations on governments.
Criminal Justice Reform
  • We must assure our police and policies are color-blind.
  • We must allow judges to judge by striking down mandatory sentencing laws.
  • I support efforts to promote and widely implement community policing.
  • I support police forces reflecting the ethnic and gender diversity of their communities.
  • I oppose private for-profit prisons.
  • I support a swing to rehabilitation from punishment beyond loss of freedom.
  • I support the government accumulating statistics and research related to deaths at the hands of law enforcement.
  • I support laws preserving the right to video police activities.
  • I support federal subsidies to provide body cams and vehicle cams (and associated data storage and handling) for police officers.
  • I support the demilitarization of our law enforcement agencies.
  • I support federal review of all deaths of unarmed suspects at the hands of police.
Women's Issues
  • I support equal pay for equal work.
  • I support a woman’s right to choose.
  • I support access to affordable birth control and female-specific medical testing through the provisions of the Affordable Care Act.
  • I support rigorous enforcement of laws supporting equal employment opportunity for women.
  • I support generous paid leave for childbirth.
  • I support the ERA.
Wall Street
  • I support a new Glass-Steagall, separating savings from speculative investments.
  • I believe we must break up the big banks. It supports competition and creates none capable of being too big to fail.
  • I believe in the Robin Hood tax to discourage rapid, computerized trading and an unfair advantage for large institutional investors over small group and individual investors.
Government Oversight
  • Every sizable human organization benefits from external oversight and it is an obligation of Congress and the Administration to:
    • Assure taxpayer funds are used appropriately,
    • Regulations are appropriate to the intent of the law, and
    • Best practices gleaned from the private sector are considered and implemented where appropriate.
  • I support the separation of church and state and specific oversight to maintain that separation.
The Second Amendment
  • I support the right of Americans to bear arms.
  • I support common sense background checks and closing the gun show loophole. I support Nevada’s Measure 1.
  • I oppose availability of military grade weaponry for civilian sales.
  • I support efforts to encode bullets for traceability in criminal activity.
  • I support implementation of technologies to prevent accidental shootings and misuse of guns.
  • I support repeal of the law barring liability for arms producers.
  • I support comprehensive immigration reform with a reasonable path to citizenship.
  • I support implementation of DACA and DAPA.
  • I object to the tearing apart of families by unreasonable deportations.
  • I support deportation of undocumented immigrants that commit serious crimes.
  • I believe our national media is too concentrated in the hands of a small number of major corporations.
  • I believe it is not in the public interest to have multiple media providers (TV, radio, newspapers) for a population center in the hands of the same ownership.
  • I support the idea of reversing FCC rules and regulations that have allowed these things to happen.
  • Taxes should be no more or no less than needed to do the jobs we need our government to do.
  • I support a return to historic tax levels for the very wealthy, rates that were in place when we were able to fund development of our infrastructure.
Food Safety
  • I believe Americans are entitled to know what they’re eating and where it came from through required labeling.
  • I support full funding of regulatory agencies that test and inspect our food supply and food production facilities.
  • I support tighter standards and better enforcement of food designated as “organic”, “natural”, “non GMO”, “fair trade” and “sustainably sourced”.
  • I support laws protecting the filming of activities at food processing facilities, to include slaughterhouses and animal-raising facilities.
  • I support an increase to the national minimum wage.
  • I support decoupling the minimum wage from tip income and the availability of health insurance.
  • I support the right of cities, counties and states to establish minimum wage standards higher than the federal rate.
  • I support updating and indexing the pay rate for classification to exempt for overtime purposes.
  • I support vigorous enforcement of the Fair Labor Standards Act and other regulations of the National Labor Relations Board.
  • I support the right of workers to organize.
  • I support prevailing wage requirements for all government projects.
  • Mining is critical for Nevada’s economic development and the security of the nation.
  • I support requirements for good mining practices and regulation and government oversight.
  • I support a system of private insurance and bonds and ownership obligations to assure remedies for failure to adhere to good mining practices including accidents, environmental degradation and public health hazards.
War and Peace
  • We must break the cycle of perpetual war.
  • I support efforts to diminish the influence of the military industrial complex on our political decisions and military priorities.
  • We must be the world’s leader in diplomacy, for ourselves and in service to the countries and people’s around the world.
  • We must resist the role of the world’s policeman while still championing human rights and fighting genocide.
  • We must be prepared to effectively address the forces of terrorism and aggression with appropriate military might to assure our country’s security.
  • We need access to clean, safe water all across the country.
  • I support the EPA’s management of our nation’s water resources.
  • I support regional and national planning and coordination to assure adequate water supplies for prioritized community and commercial needs.
  • I support federal funds to accelerate development and deployment of technologies to purify and recycle water as well as process salt water sources for fresh water conversion.
Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
  • I oppose the TPP.
  • It opens the door to huge losses of American jobs, as evidenced by previous trade agreements of this sort.
  • The TPP represents a huge loss of American sovereignty and local preferences.
  • There are some good provisions within TPP that should be negotiated independently.
Yucca Mountain
  • I oppose the opening of Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste and/or processing center.
  • I oppose the use of Nevada’s highways for transport of nuclear materials.
  • I support the repurposing of the facility as a national repository for the stockpiling of rare earth minerals key to our economy and national security.
  • I support removing marijuana from the DEA list of Schedule 1 drugs.
  • I support research on the potential uses of marijuana.
  • I support Nevada’s Measure 2.
  • I support a federal law decriminalizing marijuana production and allowance for medical purposes.
  • I support the states adopting their own laws related to recreational use and distribution of marijuana, and I support greater allowance of personal use.
  • I support legalizing the production and use of hemp for commercial uses.
Public Lands
  • I acknowledge that federal lands in Nevada are not and never have been the property of the state.
  • Public lands are a precious and finite resource “owned” by all Americans.
  • The abundance of public lands for use by Nevadans for hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and other uses are key to our quality of life.
  • The state of Nevada is incapable of undertaking the responsibilities and expenses associated with managing public lands.
  • In general, I oppose the selling of public lands to private parties as this is a finite resource for the public and is virtually irreversible.